Herr Benedict


Herr Benedict takes you into a dream world built of poetry, acrobatics and powerful movements – on his areal straps or on the cyr wheel.


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Dive into the world of weightlessness!

Herr Benedict takes you into a dream world built of poetry, acrobatics and powerful movements – on his areal straps or on the cyr wheel.

Martin B. Schepers graduated in 2008 from the national artistic school in Berlin and tours as Herr Benedict through the European stages of varieties, theaters, galas, fairs and circuses.


With his performances on the cyr wheel and on the areal straps Herr Benedict gives prove of his technical richness and takes the audience into a never ending dream of flying.

Aerial straps

The dream of a businessman: To get higher and higher.

In his performance Herr Benedict turns his straps into brackets of a subway and falls on his way to work into a daydream. Expressive and with seeming easiness he brings dramatic art – including (up)turn and falling – into the air.

Likewise in the never ending dream of flying he succeeds to create poetic pictures full of power and beauty with his acrobatic. Thanks to his fascinating body control the rules of gravity seem not to apply to him.


The audience revels even after the awaking of the businessman in a dream of zero gravity.

Cyr wheel

Like a magician Herr Benedict lets his wheel go round on stage. With spark, talent and passion he maneuvers the cyr wheel though a universe where gravity seems not existent. You will find diversity in his performances: On the one hand he is classy, fancy and precise in his character Conductor, on the other hand fresh and full of esprit in his performance Rotation.

Accompanied by electronic sounds Herr Benedict makes powerful and dynamic circles in his act Rotation. The cyr wheel is a symbol of unity and converts into a fusion of breathtaking precision, velocity and beauty.

Acting as the Conductor he brings something on stage that usually is kept back from the audience: The play between the conductor and his instrument. With convincing facility and expression he creates a masterpiece of balance, acrobatics and poetry on the stage infront of the audiences eyes.



Daimler AG – Preisverleihung des Environmental Leadership Award 2013

Trumpf – Blechexpo Messe Stuttgart, Gothaer Medizinball, Tour de Chance – Dreieich, Sportmeisterehrung – Salzgitter, Evonik Industries – Ehrung der Jubilare, Dr. Klein & Co. Aktiengesellschaft, HEAG mobilo Darmstadt, Basketball Saisonauftakt 1. FC Bayern München, Möbelhaus “Porta” Gütersloh, 50 Jahre Westfleisch Lübbecke, Aids Gala – Lutherstadt, Wittenberg, Sportgala – SV Teuto, Lions Club – Bad Vilbel, Airport Hannover – Jubiläumsveranstaltung „100 Jahre Deutschlandflug“, Therme Erding, Volksbank, Blitz, Radio Antenne Bayern, UGG Boots, Concorde, u.v.m


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